Make Your Special Day the Best Ever On Board the Lady Cutler

Everyone today has an idea of what their wedding will be like. This is the best days in your life, and in your mind, you must have a picture of your dream wedding. But before the day comes, there are several critical things you have to make sure they are perfect for you to have the perfect wedding. There are areas where if you fail, you and your guests will not be satisfied and your dream wedding will be lacking. Your day will end in disappointment if you don’t take care of these areas:

Venue. This is where you are going to hold your special event and it has to be just like you want. Make sure it is also an exclusive venue for you and your guests to have the best experience and memories. On board the Lady Cutler, we have a fantastic air-conditioned lounge and the best floating bar in Melbourne serving only the best drinks you and your guests want to enjoy. For those patrons wishing to dance their time away, we have a large dance floor to cater for them.

If you have the event right, you are on the right way to make your dream wedding come true and the Lady Cutler will be happy to help you achieve this. The lady cutler is stylish and extremely versatile with two decks and ample space for up to 300 guests. If you are the kind who wants formal dining, we can hold a capacity of 120 guests with an excellent setup.

Don’t worry if your wedding will be a medium or large sized event, but we have your back in this. We as the Lady Cutler and the crew members will walk with you all the way to the end on your special day.

Catering. This is one of the other important details you have to take care of in your wedding. Before you book a venue, make sure it is nice and offers quality catering. At the lady Cutler, catering is of the highest quality. We have buffets, nouveau cuisines which is our speciality complemented by fine dining menus. We also offer table service if you need. On board, we have the best local and international wines and if required, we can be able to serve specific refreshments.

Your dream wedding is going to happen just like you pictured it in your mind. Just let the Lady Cutler walk with you hand in hand up to the end of this special event.

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